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Mahjong connect is a board game which was originated in China 2000 years ago, somewhere near the Shanghai city. This mahjong games in different version like in classic mahjong game there are 144 pieces of tiles which have different designs on it and player have to find a pair of similar design and eliminate those pair from the board and to complete this game player have to find all the pairs and eliminate all the tiles from the board. This game became very popular in China and also got spread all around the world with slight changes and different versions. Japan the neighbor country of China had also adopted this game.
About Mahjong Connect

Mahjong connect is a slight different version of classic mahjong game, as we discussed earlier classic mahjong game consist of 144 tiles where as mahjong connect consist 140 tiles which are arranged as 14 tiles horizontally and 10 tiles vertically. The basic gameplay of mahjong connect is same as mahjong classic where player has to connect same pair of tiles but the change is that player can only connect tiles at ninety degree angle diagonally and can not connect them across, also player have limited number of moves to connect tiles and complete the game and also have limited number of time. As player connect the pair of tiles the vacant space will be filled by drop of adjoining tiles. If player got stuck somewhere in the middle then for their help some features are available like hint, it will show you pair of tiles you can connect, Re-arrange option will shuffle your board. Mahjong games really improves person’s thinking, logical and reasoning skills as during this whole gameplay person have to think about their moves, compete against the time and have to prepare a strategy to clean up the whole board. This Mahjong connect is very much fun to play compare to its classic version because of additional rules and limited time frame. Rules and timer really adds spice into this mahjong gameplay fun.

About this website

On this website you can play mahjong connect for absolutely free and you don’t have to pay anything for playing it. No download is required as you can play this mahjong connect directly online and also you can save your game whenever you want. Also you can save your scores and share them with your friends.